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Stainless Steel Surface Ion Nitriding (carbon) Technology
Oct 25, 2017

Due to the presence of stainless steel surface oxide film, so that the general gas nitriding is difficult to carry out. Although the surface activation of stainless steel can be gas nitriding treatment, but the process is complex and difficult to control, so people gradually use some new nitriding process technology. Ion nitriding technology is one of the most widely used. Conventional ion nitriding is carried out in a mixed atmosphere of N2 and H2 or NH3 at a temperature of 500 to 560 ° C. As the ion nitriding can directly remove the stainless steel surface of the passivation film, and easy to achieve local nitriding and easier control of nitrogen potential, in the stainless steel surface enhancement shows a greater superiority. The results of ion nitriding of some martensitic stainless steels show that ion nitriding can effectively form a nitrided layer with a certain thickness on the surface of stainless steel without the need of pretreatment of the removed oxide film. Nitriding stainless steel hardness and wear resistance were significantly improved. However, conventional ion nitriding is easy to form CrN on the surface of stainless steel to make the substrate appear poor chromium, thereby reducing the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Therefore, despite the surface nitriding treatment of stainless steel after the surface hardness, wear resistance and anti-abrasion, anti-glue ability has greatly improved, but if improper handling, prone to surface spalling, hardened layer (nitrided layer) thickness uneven As well as a substantial decline in corrosion resistance and other quality problems.