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Precautions For The Production Of Stainless Steel Plates
Oct 25, 2017

Stainless steel plate If the surface of the workpiece is attached with oil, the thickness of the scale of the oil attachment and the thickness and composition of the other parts are different and carburizing. The carburized part of the base metal will be severely attacked by acid. Heavy oil burner when the initial combustion of oil droplets, if attached to the workpiece, the impact is also great. The operation of the fingerprints attached to the workpiece will also be affected. Therefore, the bath for the major members do not touch the stainless steel hand, do not make the workpiece stained with new oil. Must wear clean gloves.

If the surface of the workpiece if the cold processing of lubricating oil, etc., must be in the trichlorethylene degreasing agent, caustic soda solution in the full degreasing and then rinse with warm water, and then heat treatment.

Stainless steel plate If the surface of debris, especially organic or gray attached to the workpiece, the heating of course, will have an impact on the scale.

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