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How To Use Stainless Steel Wire Drawing Technology
Oct 25, 2017

In China, the emergence of stainless steel pipe material is also a matter of recent years, the majority of the market for this emerging material is still in short supply situation, which makes the stainless steel pipe this material in the Chinese market for a long period of time still has a broad Prospects. In the development of stainless steel pipe technology today, the use of stainless steel wire drawing technology also allows stainless steel pipe this material has been more extensive development space, so that more fine objects, more high-end items above can also use stainless steel tube, but also With a more full of flavor of the artistic atmosphere.

In the drawing technology has just appeared not long, this new technology was applied in the design of the phone shell design, stainless steel wire drawing technology to the phone shell not only has a metal texture, and drawing technology also allows ordinary stainless steel pipe with The new vitality, so that the phone shell more high-end feel. And in this way the production of metal mobile phone shell than other metal shell, not only more cost-effective, but also with other metal phone shell can not match the long service life.