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High Quality Boiler Tube
Jan 26, 2018


Use the editor

The general boiler tube is mainly used for the manufacture of water-cooled wall pipe, boiling water pipe, superheated steam pipe, steam pipe of locomotive boiler, large, small smoke pipe and arch brick pipe.

The high pressure boiler tube is mainly used to manufacture superheater tube, reheater tube, pipe, main steam pipe, etc. The supply and demand trend of the high pressure boiler tube industry is stable, but the supply and demand of each specific sub-industry will be further divided. The industry insiders point out that the most critical link is the use and promotion of the new type of energy-saving thermal insulation 20g boiler tube equipment.

New energy saving 20 g high pressure boiler tube products in the market is gradually increased, for example, the coating of green environmental protection, energy saving water-saving sanitary ware products, environmental protection stone material, environmental protection cement foam insulation board, such as energy conservation and environmental protection products in 20 g high pressure boiler tube industry in the broad market prospect is promising. [1]

The relevant provisions

(1) GB/ t5310-2008 "seamless steel tube for high pressure boiler". The chemical composition test method is based on the relevant parts of gb222-84 and the chemical analysis method of steel and alloy, GB223 steel and alloy chemical analysis method.

(2) the chemical composition inspection of imported boiler tubes shall be conducted according to the relevant standards stipulated in the contract. [1]

Use the steel number editor.

(1) high quality carbon structural steel steel has 20G, 20MnG and 25MnG.

(2) alloy structural steel no. 15MoG, 20MoG, 12CrMoG, 15CrMoG, 12Cr2MoG, 12CrMoVG, 12Cr3MoVSiTiB, etc.

(3) in addition to the chemical composition and mechanical properties, the water pressure test shall be conducted by root, in addition to the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the 1Cr18Ni9 and 1Cr18Ni11Nb boiler tube. The steel tube is delivered in heat treatment state.

In addition, the microstructure, grain size and decarburization layer of finished steel tube are also required. [2]

Physical performance editing

(1) gb3087-2008 "seamless steel pipe for low medium pressure boiler". The tensile test was based on GB/ t228-87, the hydraulic test was GB/ t241-90, and the compression test was according to GB/ t246-97, and the flanging test was according to GB/ t242-97, and the cold bending test was gb244-97.

(2) gb5310-2008 "seamless steel pipe for high pressure boiler". Tensile test, hydraulic test and flattening test are the same as gb3087-82. The impact test was gb229-94, and the expansion test was according to GB/ t242-97, and the grain size test was YB/ t5148-93; The microstructure test was conducted according to gb13298-91, and the decarburization layer was tested according to gb224-87, and the ultrasonic inspection was according to GB/ t5777-96.

(3) the physical performance inspection and indicators of the imported boiler tube shall be carried out according to the relevant standards stipulated in the contract. [2]