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Good Quality Of 304 Stainless Steel Angle Steel
Jan 22, 2018

It is mainly divided into equilateral stainless steel Angle and stainless steel Angle steel, which can be divided into unequal edge and unequal edge.

The specification of stainless steel Angle steel is indicated by side length and edge thickness. The steel Angle of domestic stainless steel is 2-20, with the centimeter number of side length as the number, the same number of stainless steel Angle steel often 2-7 different sides thick. The imported stainless steel Angle indicates the actual size and side thickness of both sides and indicates the relevant standards. The normal side length is 12.5cm above the large stainless steel Angle steel, 12.5cm -- 5cm is medium stainless steel Angle steel, and the side length is less than 5cm, which is small stainless steel Angle steel.

The order of stainless steel Angle steel for import and export is generally based on the specifications required in the use, and its steel number is the corresponding carbon steel number. Also known as stainless steel Angle steel, there is no specific composition and performance series except the specification number.

The length of the stainless steel Angle steel is divided into two kinds: the length of the delivery length of the stainless steel Angle steel and the two kinds of diameters. The selection range of domestic stainless steel Angle steel is 3 -- 9m, 4-12m, 4-19m, 6-19m, according to the different specifications. The length of Japanese stainless steel Angle steel is 6-15m.

The section height of the stainless steel Angle is calculated by the long side width of the stainless steel Angle.

3. Import and export

Our country imports, exports stainless steel Angle steel each has certain batch, mainly from Japan, Western Europe imports. Exports to the region mainly for Hong Kong, Macao, southeast Asia, Latin America and Arab countries. Export production enterprises are mainly jiangsu, liaoning, hebei, Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin and other provinces and cities of steel mills (rolling mills).

Imported stainless steel Angle steel variety is large, small stainless steel Angle steel and special shape stainless steel Angle steel, the export variety is medium stainless steel Angle steel such as 6, 7 etc.

4. Appearance quality requirements.

The surface quality of stainless steel Angle steel has the stipulation in the standard, general requirement should not have the defect that USES harmful, such as layer, scar, crack.

Stainless steel Angle geometry deviation allowed range also has stipulated in the standard, generally including bending, thick, apex Angle and width, while theoretical weight, etc, and stainless steel Angle shall not have a significant twist. Stainless steel Angle steel picture by jiangsu ye qing stainless steel co. LTD.

5. Chemical composition test.

(1) component index: the chemical composition of stainless steel Angle steel belongs to the rolling steel series of general structure, and the main test indexes are C, Mn, P and S. According to the number of different brands, the content varies, and the range is C<0.22%, Mn: 0.30-0.65%, P<0.060% and S<0.060%.

(2) inspection method: to test the chemical composition, the standard test methods are GB223, JISG1211-1215, BS1837, BS manual 19, Г О С Т 22536 etc.

6. Common products and specifications.

GB/ t2101-89 (general provisions for acceptance, packaging, marking and quality certificate of section steel); GB9787-88/GB9788-88 (hot-rolled equilateral/unequilateral stainless steel Angle steel size, shape, weight and allowable deviation); Jisg3192-94 (shape, size, weight and tolerances of hot rolled steel); Din 17100-80 (general structural steel quality standard); Г О С Т 535-88 (plain carbon steel technical conditions).

According to the above standard, the stainless steel Angle steel should be delivered in bundles, the strapping and the length of the bundle should meet the requirements. Stainless steel Angle steel is generally free of charge, transportation and storage need to pay attention to moistureproof.