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Development Of Stainless Steel Pipe Production Technology
Oct 25, 2017

1, the quality of steel and steel by the supplier of technical monitoring part of the inspection and acceptance.

2, the supplier must ensure that the steel sheet of the steel strip to meet the relevant scale of the delineation, the demand side by the appropriate scale of the delineation of the review.

3, steel and strip should be batch acceptance, the group approved by the corresponding scale of the rules.

4, the number of test samples, sampling rules and test methods according to the corresponding scale of the delineation. If a test effect does not meet the requirements of the scale, then from the unified batch and then take the double the number of target samples held by the failure of the project re-test (except for the white point). The results of the reinspection (including any of the indicators required by the trial) shall not be delivered in the entire package, even if there is an unqualified one.