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316L Stainless Steel Plate Technical Characteristics
Oct 25, 2017

316 stainless steel, 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo due to the addition of Mo, so its corrosion resistance, resistance to atmospheric erosion and high temperature strength is particularly good, can be used under harsh conditions; processing hardening excellent (non-magnetic). Stainless steel has been able to get such a rapid development, an important factor is its corrosion resistance, heat resistance. Stainless steel heat treatment process of the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel corrosion resistance, heat resistance has a great impact, but also on the stainless steel processing function plays a decisive role. 316 stainless steel Mechanical properties, tensile strength (Mpa) 620 MIN, yield strength (Mpa) 310 MIN, elongation (%) 30 MIN, area reduction (%) 40 MIN, 316 stainless steel density 8.03 g / cm3, Body stainless steel generally use this value