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201 Stainless Steel Plate
Jan 04, 2018

Mainly used for decorative pipes, industrial pipes. Some shallow tensile products .201 stainless steel plates have the same resistance to general corrosion as unstable Ni-Cr alloy 304 .201 stainless steel plates may be heated for a long time in the temperature range of chromium carbide degree. The alloy 321 stainless steel plate and 347 stainless steel plate in harsh corrosion medium. 201 stainless steel plate are mainly used for high temperature applications. High temperature application requires material to be sensitized to prevent intergranular corrosion at lower temperatures

 Cold rolling section: stainless steel plate cold-rolled 2B (coil, roll, flat plate; "
Special board: 3.5mm-6mm 304R 316L / 2B;
Thickness: cold zipper 2BX 0.1-6.0mm; surface: 1: 2B smooth surface Ba-8K mirror; wire drawing, grinding; snowflake sand; stainless steel fingerprint plate;
Decorative panel: color plate, titanium plating plate, etch plate, oil hair throwing plate HLN no. 4 + 3D solid plate, sandblasting plate, hot rolling part: stainless steel plate hot rolling No. 1 (roll plate, flat plate; "
Thickness: industrial No. 1 (3-159mm) surface: 8K mirror; wire drawing, titanium plating, grinding; snowflake sand; stainless steel fingerprint plate;
It is used in field outdoor machinery, building materials heat resistant parts and parts with difficult heat treatment for chemical, coal and petroleum industries requiring high resistance to grain boundary corrosion.
1. Petroleum exhaust combustion piping;
2. Engine exhaust pipe;
3. Boiler shell, heat exchanger, heating furnace parts;
4. Silencing parts for diesel engine;
5. Boiler pressure vessel;
6. Chemical transport vehicles;
7. Telescopic joints;
8. Spiral welded Pipe for Burner Pipe and Dryer