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Stainless steel pipe production process is what
Oct 25, 2017

(1) stainless steel tube blank preparation. Including stainless steel tube blank, stainless steel tube cut off (cut or gas cut off), peeling grinding, flaw detection, and high alloy stainless steel tube surface treatment (such as pickling) and cold centering and so on.

(2) stainless steel tube heating. Usually in the annular furnace or inclined bottom tube heating furnace for heating, tube billet generally after the heat centering to the perforation process.

(3) perforation. The solid round bar is slit into a hollow thick-walled stainless steel tube, usually with two or three rolls of ramping machine. If the stainless steel tube is a steel ingot or a continuous casting billet, it can be perforated on a hydraulic press or on a two-roll (vertical rolling) pressure punching machine - P.P.M.

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