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Heat treatment technology of stainless steel tube
Oct 25, 2017

(BCC) can be attracted to the magnet, which is made from the Austrian field temperature quenching, the corrosion resistance of the best, but the material (1) Ma Tian San iron stainless steel: This type of stainless steel tube for the body of the cubic structure (BCC) Hardening, followed by tempering can increase the ductility, but the corrosion resistance will be reduced, especially in the 450 degrees Celsius to 650 degrees between the tempering, will make the crystal lattice gap in the diffusion of carbon atoms and chromium formation network Like chromium carbide caused by the consumption of chromium near the region to reduce the chromium content, can not form a protective film, and the loss of corrosion resistance, it is necessary to pay special attention. The following are the heat treatment temperatures for various Maji San iron stainless steel pipes.

(A) 403, 410, 416se the temperature is 650-750 ℃.

(B) 414 has a temperature of 650-730 ° C.

(C) the temperature of 431 is 6. (d) 440-A, 440-B, 440-C, 420 at a temperature of 680-750C.

(2) fat iron type stainless steel: This kind of stainless steel body-centered cubic structure (BCC) can be used for magnet attracting is usually used in the automotive industry or chemical industry, the intensity will not change due to heat treatment, but can increase the intensity of cold processing.

(3) Osti iron stainless steel: This stainless steel tube for the face-centered cubic structure (FCC) does not work on the magnet, as mentioned above, such materials are easy to process, so after processing to eliminate the residual stress of the material Can be applied to different heat treatment.

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