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Does 304 stainless steel have anything to do with magnetism?
Feb 08, 2018

According to the study of materials in physics, the spin of electrons makes the metal magnetic, and the electron spin belongs to the quantum mechanical energy, which can be "down" or "upward". In the ferromagnetic metal, electrons will automatically follow the same direction of rotation, and anti ferromagnetic metal, some electrons were in accordance with the rules of the model, and the adjacent electrons toward the antiparallel spin or spin in the opposite direction, but for the electronic triangle lattice is why spin structure does not exist, is due to two e each triangle must spin in the same direction.
In general, ferrite (mainly 430, 439, 445NF, 409L, etc.) and martensite (represented by 410), the stainless steel in this material is generally magnetic. Austenitic stainless steel (304 of stainless steel) is non magnetic, but sometimes it has weak magnetic properties.
The 304 stainless steel plate has mechanical properties, low temperature strength, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. The 304 stainless steel is generally "non-magnetic stainless steel", which means magnetism is lower than a certain value, and is not completely magnetic. These stainless steels are more or less magnetic.
In addition, martensite and iron above ferrite is magnetic, and austenite is weakly magnetic or nonmagnetic, due to improper heat treatment during smelting or segregation, will cause a small amount of ferrite and martensite Austenitic 304 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel that will appear weak magnetic. In addition, after cold processing, the structure of 304 stainless steel will be transformed into martensite. The greater the deformation of cold processing, the more transformation of martensite and the stronger the magnetic properties.
If we want to completely eliminate the magnetism of 304 stainless steel, we can recover the stable austenite structure by high temperature solid solution treatment, thus eliminating the magnetism of 304 stainless steel.
304 stainless steel's molecular arrangement and electronic spin's isotropism determine its habits. We think it's physical properties of materials. The chemical composition of materials determines the corrosion resistance of materials, but the chemical properties of materials are not related to whether the materials are magnetic.

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