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Development Trend of Thin - walled Stainless Steel Pipe and Home - mounted Casing Pipe Fittings
Oct 25, 2017

Home improvement pressure analysis of the development of space and the importance of card holding pipe market, home improvement why the full popularity of stainless steel tube, radius of Sanchuan stainless steel tube to tell you.

Since the reform and opening up, China has made significant achievements, people are rich, not only before the food and clothing can be considered the time. At this stage the standard of healthy living is also increasing. Field corrosion test data show that the life of stainless steel pipe up to 100 years. According to China's personal housing for the relevant provisions of the residential life of 70 years, that is, stainless steel pipe to ensure that the use of the middle does not require maintenance and replacement. Compared to now more applications of other pipe, which is an unmatched advantage, it is this advantage, doomed thin-walled stainless steel pipe will enter the tens of thousands of households.

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